Borrow Write from the Heart: A Novel (Journals from the Heart)

by Heather Hummel




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Journals are a woman's best friend...When Samantha Sounder quits her office manager job the day after yet another boyfriend breaks up with her, the emotional havoc of these two events launches the beginning of her new life. Samantha dives into therapy with Ragnar Axel, a traditional therapist who explores her failed relationships and sends her on a wild goose chase through her old journals to rediscover herself. Despite the unsettling reactions of her best friend, Amanda, and Ragnar, Samantha decides to walk away from the corporate world and follow her dream as a novelist. She sets out to craft her first novel, Winter's Truth. Hesitantly, she accepts the unexpected guidance from Craig, an unlikely man she meets at the coffee shop.Along her journey, Samantha picks up a new journal and titles it her "Positive Journal," declaring to only write positive thoughts in it. Samantha's life transforms from one of despair and loss to hope and faith as she navigates through new territory and explores the possibility of finding love over lattes.*****"Author Heather Hummel is a true talent with words! Write from the Heart is a wonderful story on the power of positive thinking and a reminder how we have the power to control our own destiny. Samantha is the perfect balance of smart, fun, and honest."- Cari Kamm, Author Fake Perfect Me*****"Write Fromthe Heart is a well-written and relatable story. Author Heather Hummelgracefully takes her readers on a powerful and captivating journey. Samantha isone of those characters that becomes a friend."- Erica Negi, Author My Life in Loubies*****"Heather Hummel is a Writer's Writer."Victoria Moran, Best Selling Author and Radio Host*****"Heather Hummel is a wonderful writer."Lynn Goldberg, President, Goldberg McDuffie*****"Heather Hummel is a very talented author."John Aherne, Editor, McGraw-Hill

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  • Published: 2011-08-07
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