How to borrow Kindle & Nook ebooks

With 14-day lending now available on tens of thousands of Nook and Kindle books, eBookFling makes it possible for readers across America to borrow and share their ebooks. Lend an ebook, earn a credit, and borrow any other for free! It's 100% safe with the book returned in 14 days guaranteed. Here's how it works:

Step 1: LIST. Got ebooks? List them up for grabs.

Any Kindle or Nook books you own can be listed. Your collection is what makes up our collection.

Step 2: LEND. Email your book if requested.

Send your book along to the requesting borrower and earn credits for each successful fling. But don't send your e-reader!

Step 3: BORROW. Snatch up any ebook you'd like!

Spend 1 credit and choose any ebook from thousands to borrow. No credits? It's just $2.99 to borrow. Cheap, right? We prefer thrifty.

Step 4: READ. Enjoy a 14-day fling with your book!

Download to your Mac or PC, Kindle™ or Nook™ device, or your iPad™, iPhone™, Blackberry™, or Android™ smartphone. Afterward, the book disappears and is automatically returned to the original owner. Simple.